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"This is the 2nd time I have ever moved and this time it was much easier than the first time of me doing it myself. I will always hire a mover in the future now and these guys are being added to my phone and set on speed dial."
"Being a typical guy that thinks he knows best I started to try and attempt to do the move myself but after nearly smashing up my house and destroying my back I thought this is not worth my health or sanity and called these guys last minute. They sent a crew out with a nice big truck and they took care of business for me and it really was not that much at all, I will admit I will never try to move myself again."
"Big thanks to Moving Company Houston; I was very happy with the overall experience."
"Being a single mother who just got a new job the thought of moving was filling me with dread. I called around a few companies and Moving Company Houston gave me an excellent price and understood my situation and we’re great. I can’t say enough nice words about this company and I am grateful for the move they gave me."
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So what exactly do you get with Moving Company Houston?

We pride ourselves on offering a fully encompassing moving experience for our clients. The more we can offer you the better because moving is no easy matter. Just think of it this way, do you want a company that has the ability to relocate you swiftly or pain staking slow? We are no mind readers here at Moving Company Houston but we are going to haphazard a guess at swiftly. And you know what; we can provide a quick move for you.


We have a large team of staff which means we never get overbooked or double booked so we always have our moving teams showing up at the planned time with the truck of the right size. Some moving companies might have to make two trips if they don’t have a truck big enough for the move on the day but not our company. We will pack you and have you moved in one trip which means it will not only save you valuable time but money also.

Should I pack myself?

Packing is up to you, we do offer a packing services but this will cost you extra as we charge on an hourly rate to pack plus material costs. If you want to save money Moving Company Houston would suggest you pick up some packing boxes and have a pizza party and get some friends to help you out. We are normally called in to pack up businesses but it’s rare for us to be called in to back up a residence. But if you need that help then we can give you a great rate and we have a team who are fast and efficient about getting things boxed up and marked for which room things need to be moved in to in the new residence.

Do I need to help you guys move?

You sit back and relax and let us deal with all the moving. We don’t want you to worry about lifting and working in any way because that’s our job. We are here to do all the lifting, loading and unloading. You are more than welcome to direct us as to where to drop items off but if you marked up the boxes then we will have a good idea where everything is going.

How long will the move take?

This all depends on the size of your place, if you have a small apartment then it will be a very quick move but if you have a big house it will take a few hours to get everything moved safely and perfectly in to the truck. We like to make sure everything is packed in correctly so there are no movements during the move or breakages.