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"This is the 2nd time I have ever moved and this time it was much easier than the first time of me doing it myself. I will always hire a mover in the future now and these guys are being added to my phone and set on speed dial."
"Being a typical guy that thinks he knows best I started to try and attempt to do the move myself but after nearly smashing up my house and destroying my back I thought this is not worth my health or sanity and called these guys last minute. They sent a crew out with a nice big truck and they took care of business for me and it really was not that much at all, I will admit I will never try to move myself again."
"Big thanks to Moving Company Houston; I was very happy with the overall experience."
"Being a single mother who just got a new job the thought of moving was filling me with dread. I called around a few companies and Moving Company Houston gave me an excellent price and understood my situation and we’re great. I can’t say enough nice words about this company and I am grateful for the move they gave me."
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Local Moving Companies

We know there are many moving companies in Houston and the surrounding areas so you need to be asking the right questions when deciding on a moving company and we are here to help you with that.

- Is the moving company licensed?

While this might seem like not a big deal for a customer it really should be. If no one has a license number you can’t track them if anything is wrong with the move. You might get to your destination and notice half your stuff is missing our broken. You will have little recourse and no chance of tracking down those involved as most of these guys use pre paid cell phones that can be dumped and just re-advertise as a new business name. Some might hold your goods ransom until you pay way more than the initial price by adding sly fees that you did not agree to. Make sure you get a written quote from a licensed moving company to protect yourself.

- Do you charge extra for large objects to be relocated?

Some moving companies will charge you extra to say move a large screen TV or washer and dryer even though they should not. Our company when they talk to you on the phone will get a full itinerary of all the large goods you are moving and not charge you extra unless it’s something like a hot tub then that will require another moving truck and more movers.

- How can I pay?

We offer multiple ways to pay from cash to credit and debit it’s really not a problem. Most moving companies should offer this also if they are a reputable company.

- Do you offer free moving quotes?

Every moving company should offer you a free moving quote, because it’s in their interest to get your business. If a company starts to say they need a deposit to give you a quote then don’t do business with that company. You can even go to our contact us page now to get a free moving quote.

- Do you offer cancellation?

Most moving companies will offer cancellation up until a few days before the move. After that you will probably have to pay a late fine if you cancel very late on as it will affect the moving companies bottom line if they had to turn down work to accommodate the clients move.

- If I move out of normal conventional working hours (after 5pm and on weekends) will I be charged extra?

Every moving company is different in how they operate so some might charge extra but most moving companies will not charge extra to move you weekends. Most people have to work a 9 to 5 jobs Monday to Friday so moving companies understand and know the weekend is the most requested date for people to move so they will expect that.