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"This is the 2nd time I have ever moved and this time it was much easier than the first time of me doing it myself. I will always hire a mover in the future now and these guys are being added to my phone and set on speed dial."
"Being a typical guy that thinks he knows best I started to try and attempt to do the move myself but after nearly smashing up my house and destroying my back I thought this is not worth my health or sanity and called these guys last minute. They sent a crew out with a nice big truck and they took care of business for me and it really was not that much at all, I will admit I will never try to move myself again."
"Big thanks to Moving Company Houston; I was very happy with the overall experience."
"Being a single mother who just got a new job the thought of moving was filling me with dread. I called around a few companies and Moving Company Houston gave me an excellent price and understood my situation and we’re great. I can’t say enough nice words about this company and I am grateful for the move they gave me."
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As a city Humble is a fantastic place to grow up, raise a family and grow your life. It’s always one of those places that feel‘s like home. There are many places to live in the world but more and more people are moving to Humble and surrounding areas. So if you are one of them people that are moving in Humble then we can help you relocate to that next place. If you are moving away from Humble then we understand how sad you might be feeling right now. It’s not easy leaving a place you love, but should you have to move to a new city or state then we are the company to help you do that.

The key is to simplify your move and we can help you achieve that. There is no need for complication in life, and certainly not when it comes to moving. We are here to take the trouble and hassle away from you and deal with picking up those heavy boxes and large pieces of equipment and loading it on to our truck for you. We will send you a moving checklist that is tailored to you and the city of Humble. It will have packing tips and a list of things you need to get done before you move like changing the mail address and notifying the relevant people. You will be amazed how many people have your address from the DMV to banks so all of these things need to be changed. It can be daunting to think about but with our moving checklists we will help you get through it in a methodical manor.

Additional questions are what we handle best. We have a great team here in Humble that can assist you with relocation questions you need answering. Should it be about a long distance move or just a quick move across town? It might even be about the price of the move, we can help you out with all of that. Our moving staff work from 8am until 6pm and we have an answering service so if you call after hours then just leave a message and we will get back to you first thing in the morning. You might even want to go to our contact page and put your moving information in there so our dispatcher can process it quickly and call you back with a free moving quote.

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